Prep course for chief and second marine engineers

for officers with diploma im Marine Engineering and masters degree
Number of Trainees
Minimum: 12
Maximum: 18
80 training hrs; course language Bulgarian
1300 BGN

This prep course is to prepare the trainees for succsessful examination in acquiring higher maritime competency chief or second marine engineer:
- Chief Engineer over 3000 кW 
-           Chief Engineer from 750 to 3000 кW
-           Second Engineer over 3000 кW  and 
-           Second Engineer from 750 tо 3000 кW   
 The course is opened for trainees with masters degree in Marine Engineering and for batchelors after completing of 7.02 model course.
Seagoing service as set in the Ordinance N 6 of the Republic of Bulgaria is also manadatory entry level for the course.

The course consists of the following modules:
1.Engine room simulator training - 40 training hours /the trainees completed  ETRM course a year before the date of the course commencement will be relieved from this module after presenting the respective certificate and the course cost will be reduced to 650 BGN/
2. International conventions and codes implementation
3.Safe working practices, risk assessment and management
4. Task solving within the context of ship documents.
5. Practical examination for modules 1,2,3 и 4 - mandatory for all course participants.