First Virtual Ship in Bulgaria is at Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre

At  the end of March 2011  during regular service visit update integration between fullmission simulator Polaris - the only one in Bulgaria of class 'A', according to the standard 2.14 of DNV was completed by the producer Kongsberg AS.
Realization of this project gives unlimitted potentialities for complex training of deck and engine officers in compliance with the requirements  laid out in the latest STCW amendments.
Via virtual ship BMTC once again prove its strengh for continuos improvement and maintenance of high standards of training and training environment, real and certified training equopment, which comply with national and international standards. 
„Virtual ship”, allows to extend the areas for training of entire crews in different tasks in communication and ship operation. Some of the options given:
1. Leaving harbour.
2. Maneuvering and passage start.
3. End of passage, maneuvering, berthing.
4. Regular and average navigation at open sea and straits, ,maneuvering with main engine, navigation and main engine operaion in emergent hydrometeorological conditions, emergency actions in man overboard, oil spillage,  grounding, collision, search and rescue, pirat attacks, voyage in convoy, etc.
5. „Break down operation of main engine”
6. „Break down steering gear”
7. „Fire fighting on board”, etc.
In addition to the ship models and exercise areas library were installed:
-       Dardanelles      
-       Suec  

-       few new  models of pirat's vessels and life safe boats
-       search light, etc.