Advanced Training in Fire Fighting - NEW NATIONAL STANDARD

The course is prepared in accordance with Reg VI/3 of the STCW 78, as amended, IMO Model course 2.03 and the Directive 2008/106/EС of the European parliament and of the Council, as well.
Number of Trainees
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 16
4 days
price 340 BGN for course held in Bulgarian;

 The course aims to prepare the trainees to meet the minimum standards of competence in advanced fire fighting. The skills and knowledge obtained during the course will help the seafarer to improve his occupational communications and to develop a new understanding of the necessity to protect the environment.
Entry Standards - The course is open to seafarers completed basic training in firefighting and fire prevention, an appropriate certificate for medical fitness and aged 18.
Training facilities - theory is carried out in specialized lab at the main building of the BMTC and practical drills are carried out at the approved fire fighting site in  the industrual zone of Varna.
Requirements to the trainees: The course is mandatory and it succsessful completion depends of the trainees active participation, level of knowledge shown on written test and confidents demosntration of the skills gained and improved.
After successful course participation Bulgarian Maritime Administration issues certificate valid for 5 years.
The course is carried out in English on customer request.